The Teal Difference


Barbara Casson

With over 25 years of experience, Barbara is an authentic and respected coach, facilitator, and educator with a unique combination of leadership, academic and psychosocial expertise.

Her background as a clinical social worker provides a deep foundation that naturally augments her training as a coach whereby she brings a depth of understanding into the complexity of social behaviour and the interplay between interpersonal and relational dynamics.

Madalena Coutinho

Madalena Coutinho is a bilingual Senior Associate and Master Facilitator for Personal Strengths Canada Inc. She is also a Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF), Learning and Development specialist, and a professional Keynote speaker. Madalena brings more than 20 years of experience in the areas of team and leadership development, change management and strategic planning.

With a focus on cultural transformation, she encourages clients to take a hard look at their corporate cultures and values, based on the principles that employee engagement, environmental stewardship and social responsibility are the keys to increased organizational productivity.

Lisa Forwell

Lisa Forwell. A proven business leader, entrepreneur, strategic investor and knowledge seeker. Lisa Forwell is a committed mentor with a motivating passion to inspire, educate and support others in their quest for increased performance results, confidence, and focused direction in their lives. Currently the president of L.i.F.E., Lisa Forwell Enterprises.

Lisa spent the first part of her career in the construction industry.  She started with Lafarge North America, and then as CEO of Forwell Ltd., in Kitchener, Ontario, she led a fourth generation, highly successful construction materials business.


Melinda Harrison

Melinda Harrison is a professional coach and facilitator with over 25 years of experience focusing on goal discovery and attainment.

An ICF PCC level certified coach, Melinda partners with her clients as they work to move beyond the current state towards a desired future state.

Drawing from her extensive research, Melinda has deep insights on both the critical aspects that make up success as well as the transitional elements that people move through. In combination with her business experience, background as an Olympic athlete (Los Angeles 1984), board experience and her entrepreneurial and community successes, she brings commitment and accountability to each client.

Melinda is certified in various assessment tools that allow for individual exploration and learning, team analysis, team dynamics and facilitation. These include the Thomas International suite of assessment (DISC, GIA, TIQue), The Strength Deployment Inventory, the CCL suite of assessments, the Birkman, Hogan and LEA 360.  She has also created several unique applications to dig into the concepts of choice, the honoring of self and the push and pull of multiple demand. Through tools, assessments and conversation Melinda helps her clients understand and maneuver the critical issues that are relevant to the situation.

Every person has a unique combination of experiences, knowledge and priorities which generates the agenda for the coaching relationship. With their goals as the focus, Melinda has a proven track record of clients expanding their self-awareness and creating opportunities for learning, growth and development.

Melinda’s knowledge and experience with clients in various fields in different sectors including independent schools gives her a broad perspective on organizational challenges. At the heart of every experience there is an opportunity to learn. Whether it be in interpersonal effectiveness, personal development, leadership or management, improved self-awareness and self-confidence leads to positive results. As a continuous learner, Melinda is relentless about her own development. Her personal commitment to learning continues to expand her knowledge to benefit herself as well as her clients. She has seen the difference an investment in coaching has made to her clients.

Ann Reich

Ann is a courageous, compassionate and empowering coach with over 25 years of combined corporate and independent experience engaging with leaders at all levels, whether individual contributors striving to expand their positive influence, emerging leaders discovering their authentic leadership style or senior executives committed to transforming their organization’s culture.

An inspiring thought partner, Ann co-creates provocative coaching conversations that challenge her clients to consider new perspectives and discover and bring to life, solutions and ideas that may otherwise remain untapped.

Darcy Roberts

Darcy Roberts, ACC is a career coach and facilitator in Oakville who wants people to love their work. She helps individuals and teams get more – from themselves and from each other.

With over 20 years of administrative management experience across a variety of industries, including the arts, law, finance, banking and executive search, she has worked in different organizations across various sectors.