For The Individual

Professional Coaching

Coaching is an essential way for business leaders to stay up-to-date with fast-changing work environments, to become aware of innovative ways of inspiring and mentoring staff, develop agility when working with teams, and further expand and strengthen their own effectiveness.

The great benefit of professional coaching is that positive results happen. These wins – based on actionable tactics and strategies – help to further drive the efforts of the individuals, and the cultural and personal change needed for continuing successes.

Effective coaching becomes a permanent part of an individual’s and an organization’s mindset. It provides opportunities to be constantly challenged and encouraged to work in today’s ever-changing environments.

Teal & Co. coaching builds on previous experiences and then enhances exisiting skills. Improved learning strategies and enhanced clarity of vision encourages individuals and organizations to embrace change and growth – both of which are essential to current and future work environments.

Career Transition & Planning

Whether it is a career change by choice, or a change resulting from forces within markets and industries, the challenge of transitioning employment is a significant one. At Teal & Co. we work closely with you through the essential processes of self-assessment, goal definition, and strategy development to help ensure your successful transition into a new position.

We help you through your new job search, which requires a laser-like focus, as well as an alignment to goal-specific outcomes that encompass your strengths and interests.

Career transitions can often be disorienting or disruptive. At Teal & Co. we help you see the bigger picture, we work with you as a unique individual focusing on your marketable strengths, and we provide strategies to keep you moving forward.

Leadership Development

Coaching with a focus on Leadership Development means working directly with you to determine the leadership requirements you will need and utilize going forward, to explore gaps in your expertise or mindset (let’s face it, we all have gaps – none of us is spectacular at everything!), and to identify growth and development strategies.

Our programs encourage you to improve your self-awareness, to move toward greater understanding of your strengths, your weaknesses and your potential, and to improve your capability and capacity for change, as well as to help you develop a mindset of accountability.

At Teal & Co. we work closely with you through the process of self-assessment and the necessary steps towards moving into a new position that makes the best use of your talents, and that keeps you challenged, productive, and both professionally and personally fulfilled.