For The Organization

Onboarding Programs & Coaching

Successful onboarding of new staff, and efficiently taking on the challenges of a new position, can be challenging for any corporation. The first 120 days are critical to ensure success for the organization, as well as the individual. Focus is required in various key areas:



The organizational culture, design and dynamics


Stakeholder assessment and mapping


Communication plans


Priority and goal-setting


Understanding of role and expectation metrics


Long-term opportunities and short-term wins


Stress management strategies

At Teal & Co. we partner with organizations – and through them with individuals – to work through the key elements of their new leadership roles. One-on-one coaching through the onboarding period is critical to the company’s success. Through highly skilled counsel and actionable expertise, we work with leaders to ensure they have a great launch. We partner with them to focus on the implementation of proven process strategies, including adapting to corporate culture that may be in the process of realigning or refocusing its goals and mission.

Investing in successful onboarding strategies results in positive ROI, greatly increasing the possibility of success in the first 18 months, saving the organization losses in productivity and recruitment costs that result in inefficient and costly turnover.

Organizational Effectiveness

Ensuring alignment of talent and skill sets to the organization’s goals and objectives means having the right people in the right roles doing the right things. This approach is critical to successfully achieving the mission.

Our approach at Teal & Co. ensures that individual leaders or groups of leaders align their respective talents to the organizational goals. We do this by systematically working through organizational plans – short-, medium-, and long-term – to ensure that individuals responsible for implementation, or overseeing implementation, have the necessary tools and tactics to keep the organization’s success strategies on track.

Team Facilitation & Coaching

Team dynamics that are positive and constructive maximize productivity and ensure success. Through expertly facilitated coaching, the dynamics and function of a team are explored through a variety of assessment tools. These tools encourage dynamic, problem-solving conversations and strategies, and they ensure that all members of the team work together to achieve the desired results.

Professional facilitation – attentive to individual concerns and at the same time focussed on the greater, corporate-wide mission – allows for every member of the team to participate and contribute towards improved dynamics, day-to-day interactions, and successful problem-identification and problem-solving.