The Power of Teamwork Workshop September/October 2020

The Power of Teamwork is an engaging virtual workshop for developing team skills for members and leaders. Delivered remotely in 8 hours spread over 5 successive days, this interactive learning experience follows a research-based model that includes comprehensive case study analysis to explore the practices and competencies teams need to innovate and execute together.

Days 1-4 (Monday-Thursday): 1 hour each day, from 12:00-1:00 p.m.
Day 5 (Friday): 4 hours in total, 12:00-2:00 p.m. – half-hour break – 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.

(20 people per session maximum)
Session 1: September 21-25
Session 2: September 28-October 2
Session 3:  October 19-23

$985 per person


  • Leadership practices for leveraging individual team member creativity and capacity
  • Perspectives and approaches for managing complex teamwork characteristics and driving high performance
  • Innovative problem-solving and decision-making techniques for reconciling competing interests and information-based viewpoints among team members
  • Skills for managing diversity and potential conflict, inspiring trust and promoting engagement
  • Strategies for motivating greater commitment and accountability among individual team members


These virtual but fully interactive sessions focus on several key performance concepts:

  • Find the Why: Develop a PURPOSE-focused mindset. Why we should come together and strive for something bigger than ourselves
  • Come Ready to Play: Develop a GROWTH mindset. How individually we can assume responsibility for our own extraordinary performance by focusing on being accountable, committed and prepared
  • From Many to ONE: Develop a TEAM mindset and an ENGAGED-TEAM culture. How we can switch from an individual to a team approach by developing cohesion, trust and performance norms
  • Overcome Adversity: Develop a CAN-DO mindset. How we can embrace the power of commitment, grit, passion and perseverance
  • Play to Win: Develop a WINNING mindset. How we can achieve more by adopting a “we are stronger together” focus


The Power of Teams is actively experiential. You will have opportunities for putting your learning into practice through interactive engagement with a Harvard Business Review case study and simulation. You will be challenged to climb Mount Everest and think differently about teamwork. The gains will be insights you can take back to your role and organization and apply daily.


  • Strategic HR leaders
  • Managers and professionals seeking guidance on developing greater collaboration and innovation in their team
  • Leaders and their teams ready to be inspired to take teamwork to the next level
  • Cross-functional teams navigating how to work together and reconcile disciplinary differences


Barry Wright, PhD

Barry Wright is the CEO of the 2021 Canada Summer Games and an Associate Professor in the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. Barry’s research centres primarily on change and its influence on organizational members. With a PhD in Management and an MA in Psychology of Sport from Queen’s University, Barry has advised many prominent organizations including Sobeys Inc., Bank of Montreal, Swim Canada, Price Waterhouse Cooper and the Insurance Bureau of Canada. As Past Chair, he currently serves on the Board of Niagara Health.


Abdul R Rahimi, MSc, MBA

Abdul Rahimi is the Director of the Goodman Group in the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. Abdul has an MSc. From Kings College London, UK, and an MBA from the Goodman School of Business. Abdul is an engaging business leader with expertise in organizational-level change, teamwork, project management, lean process implementation, complex problem solving, risk management, product and process industrialization, and fronting regulatory audits. Abdul enjoys teaching at the undergraduate and MBA level.


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