The Teal Difference

What We Do

At Teal & Co. we work with people – individuals and the teams they are a part of – to help make them better at what they do.


We believe that even in large organizations, it is always individual people and the teams they are a part of that drive progress, innovation, and success.

By making individuals stronger, we make teams stronger. By making teams stronger, we make organizations stronger.

We help people maximize their potential and find their dream jobs.

We also help leaders make sure they’re getting the best out of their current team, Teal & Co. can help ensure that Leaders have the right people in the right role doing the right things.

We believe that human resources and talent management are disciplines – and there are tools which can make the many variables work together and flourish.

We believe that when people, programs and practices are all on the same page, magic happens.

That’s what Teal & Co. is here for.

Our Programs Include:


Professional Coaching


Career Transition & Planning


Leadership Development


Coaching for Onboarding


Organizational Design


Talent Strategy Planning & Development


Team Facilitation & Coaching


Employee Engagement