The Teal Difference

Why We Do It

At Teal & Co. we are committed to our clients. To us, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients – individuals and organizations – become engaged, stay motivated, and succeed.


We help individuals and organizations move forward together. We help ensure that people, and the establishments they work for, flourish.

We believe strongly that people matter and that coaching makes a difference.

The key benefit of coaching is instilling the processes of learning, self-awareness and self-development. Coaching is participative and collaborative – it provides people with the opportunity to be actively engaged with what it is they’re seeking, and it helps them discover how best to get where they want to be.

When people embrace the benefits of coaching, and when those benefits become a permanent part of an individual’s or an organization’s way of thinking, great things happen. Coaching provides opportunities to appreciate being constantly challenged, and it encourages resilience when working in changing environments. Effective coaching builds on previous experiences and enhances existing skills. The result is productive change and growth.

We understand the complexities of career transitions and the importance of inspiring people.

With the benefits of coaching, the strengths of consulting, and the experience of proven practices and programs, individuals and organizations will develop greater agility in order to achieve desired goals.

Another way to say it … We love what we do.