Effective Team Meetings

Make meeting with your Team a priority.

Your team is important to interact with individually and as a group regardless of your management level.
Meeting in a group allows people to share, stay informed and keep things efficient.

How to ensure the most effective use of your time during a meeting:

  • Define and communicate the common purpose for your meeting.
  • Establish a schedule that works for the team being informed and having the communication that they need.
  • Have clear goals and action items for team meetings, whether they are simply information updates, in-depth topical discussions or where decisions need to be made in the time allocated together.
  • Be respectful of time – start on time & end on time.
  • Try and allow for a 15-minute buffer of time before and after meetings versus rushing in and out.
  • Provide sufficient notice of meeting dates & times and establish a cancellation protocol.
  • Consider the physical meeting space: screens need to be shut during meetings, minimize distractions, and ensure the room is equipped with supplies such as whiteboard markers, paper etc.
  • Explore the communication process when confidential information is disclosed.
  • Assume the best intentions from team members from the beginning. Doing this will improve the sharing of information where required and ultimately trust.

In our tip sheet we will also explore before and after team meetings.

Download our tip sheet here