The Teal Difference

Our Core Values

At Teal our focus is strategic alignment.

We partner with individuals and organizations to explore and unlock their potential.


1. Excellence

We collaborate with outstanding people and ensure our programs and processes are exemplary.


2. Principled

We behave with integrity and honesty, demonstrating respect for individuals, organizations and the community.


3. Inspiring

We explore and examine what people are passionate about, helping them to do or create something compelling, and to lead better lives. Throughout the process, we challenge, encourage, and support.


4. Contributing

We actively participate in working for the betterment of others by helping our clients explore and develop their interests and talents.


5. Innovative

We translate ideas and initiatives into programs and services that create value for customers and the community at large.


6. Reliable

We conscientiously deliver to a high standard, and with accuracy on our projects and commitments and achieve the promised and desired results to everyone we work with.

At Teal & Co. our Core Values are central to who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

We love what we do and we have Fun doing it!

We know that success starts with personal responsibility driven by engagement and the motivation to perform.

Teal & Co uses proactive and progressive thinking that results in modeling open communication, professionalism and ethical practices. Our core competencies give us a keen understanding of the complexities of maximizing individual potential. Our continued success has provided optimal outcomes for our clients that has resulted in an excellent reputation that is well known across both markets.

It is through excellence that we achieve our ideals of reliable, principled, and inspired results. With these as the backdrop for Teal’s corporate environment, we are able to demonstrate agility to the ever-changing needs of our clients while ensuring both our clients and our coaches have fun throughout the process.

For the individual, Teal recognizes that success starts with a commitment to personal responsibility, and that personal responsibility is driven by engagement and the motivation to perform.  These principles can only be achieved through commitment and the engagement of upper management. With this level of dedication, Teal’s coaching will result bottom line benefits such as reduction in employee turnover, better employee performance and an improved ROI.

We are committed to taking individuals and organizations to a higher level of performance. Teal has developed a focused approach with ‘best in class’ coaches to drive success. Our team of seasoned individuals has come together to create an environment that is positive for all our clients at both individual and corporate levels. We believe the role of the corporation is changing to a mindset that is focused on places for people to self-actualize with leaders that understand the need and see the value of coaching.

Teal is aware of the positive impact a coaching environment can have on an organization and on individuals. To ensure the success for each, Teal carefully selects executive coaches that are able to produce the desired results and ensure the organization and/or individual is ready for that type of transition.

Teal is able to synthesize various coaching assessment tools in a way that gives the individual and the organization the ability to progress with a new culture of self-awareness.