Organizational Effectiveness

Every part working better together.

Organizational Effectiveness

Every part working better together.

Success means having the right people in the right roles doing the right things. We work with you to make that happen. Looking across your structure, culture, performance and planning, we develop solutions on how to best engage and retain your top talent to drive productivity and align your employees with your objectives. We plan with your long-term goals in mind, making sure your people are a priority.




As a strategic partner we’ll help you define your key human resources priorities to drive growth, aligning your people strategy to support the successful delivery of the goals and objectives of the business. We know implementation matters. We’ll work together with your leadership teams to bring key planning elements together in a way that gets the best traction and delivers results for your business.


Optimal organizational design is crucial to deliver on strategy. We work with you to identify, articulate and design the optimal structure to achieve your organization’s purpose and define the roles in a meaningful way to best achieve your goals and increase effectiveness.


The ideal culture that you are striving for and where your existing culture is does not align. We can help drive positive transformation that delivers long-term and sustainable changes by defining the culture you aspire to as a workplace. We’ll work with you to bridge the gap between now and the optimal future with an intentional focus on defining the competencies, policy, structure, training, and communications needed to move you forward.


An organization performs only as well as the people who are a part of it. A committed focus on employee engagement, and growth and development through a strong performance feedback program, ensures retention and motivates employees to do their best work.


For critical roles, we’ll work with you to identify talent potential within the organization. We will then ensure the programs and processes are in place to provide an effective pathway for future growth and alignment, anticipating future needs and retaining high potentials for future success.


Looking at your current rewards programs, we’ll work with you to optimize how you recognize your people for superior performance. We’ll discuss what matters to you and your people and design a program to help you attract and retain your top talent.

Change Management

Change is by its nature disruptive, and needs to be navigated intentionally and with consideration. Our people-focused approach can provide the frameworks and methodology for large changes to happen smoothly. Whether it’s new policies or company restructuring, we can support you and your employees for a successful transition.


A leading independent school engaged our team to conduct a review of the administration function to ensure it was structured optimally to best support their needs. We took a multi-faceted approach through extensive documentation review and stakeholder consultation to benchmark against best practice. The result was a detailed operating model assessment and implementation plan that addressed timing, resource and risk management considerations.