Executive & Professional Coaching

Strengthen leadership to maximize organizational performance.


Executive & Professional Coaching

Strengthen leadership to maximize organizational performance.

Professional and executive coaching empowers leaders to unlock their full potential and maximize their capability in leading others. Participating in a program provides the opportunity for leaders to engage in conversations that offer the time to think about challenging questions and explore areas of focus for development.
Transformative leadership and professional development begins with a commitment to continuous learning.
We deliver customized development journeys based on your leader’s goals and organizational objectives to help transform your business.


Executive and Professional Coaching

Empower leaders with essential skills to navigate challenges, drive growth, and inspire their teams. Our professional and executive coaching programs deliver tangible results, enhance leadership capability and unlock leadership potential. Investing in your leaders today helps future proof your organization for tomorrow.

Outplacement Coaching

People transitioning out of your business may need additional support to enhance their leadership capabilities and move forward in a positive way towards the future. Our professional coaches can provide specific services to navigate job search. Career transition help can include resume support, interview preparation, and job search assistance.

Psychometric Assessment Services

We offer a suite of leadership assessments to enhance self-awareness and improve emotional intelligence. When leaders are more self-aware, they become better equipped to communicate and lead their teams effectively. Our certified team of professionals will help you to navigate the results to turn insights into action.


CEO transition is crucial for organizations as it directly impacts strategic direction, corporate culture, and overall performance. A smooth CEO transition ensures continuity in leadership, instills confidence among stakeholders, and maintains investor trust, which are vital for sustained growth and stability.
Teal & Co., was engaged to support a 12-month CEO transition coaching program – positioning the organization for long-term success in a dynamic business environment.