The Bedford Group Extends Talent Management Offering

November 13, 2019 – Toronto-based executive search and talent management solutions provider the  Bedford Group has expanded its services with the addition of Val Cambre of Teal & Co. as its newest partner offering talent management solutions to the education sector in North America.

Ms. Cambre will lead the design of competitive strategies on talent identification, talent development and establishing a talent culture for optimizing education processes within the academy movement.

“Val has a deep knowledge and expertise in the unique set of talent issues that challenge the academy movement, which will be extremely valuable for our future clients in the education sector,” said Frank Galati, managing partner of the Bedford Consulting Group. “Our partnership with Val and Teal & Co. aligns with our core strategy in executive search and talent management at Bedford and can help provide private and independent academic clients with competitive insight into people and potential while creating the most effective systems for performance in education.”

Ms. Cambre brings 25 years of human resources experience to Bedford, having worked in some of the sector’s leading academic institutions including Appleby College, where she developed and led the talent strategy and HR department, governance relations and the operations side of the school as chief operations officer. Ms. Cambre developed a faculty performance management program, a 360- feedback program, a mentorship program and a mutual respect program that contributed to the recognition as a Top 100 Employer in Canada in 2007 and 2008.

In 2017, Ms. Cambre founded Teal & Co., which partners with individuals and organizations to explore and unlock their potential. “We believe that even in large organizations, it is individual people and the teams they are a part of that drive innovation and success,” she said. “By making teams stronger, we make organizations stronger.”

“Val has designed holistic operational models and organizational structures for some of the highestperforming institutions within the education sector in North America,” said Howard Pezim, co-managing director of the Bedford Consulting Group and Toronto partner TRANSEARCH International. “Bedford is thrilled to have Val on board as a partner in developing organizational capabilities and level of leadership talent the academy movement demands.”

The Bedford Consulting Group was established in 1979, and we have grown to become one of Canada’s leading privately-held executive search firms. Bedford is the Toronto Partner of Transearch International, a global executive search organization, operating in 39 countries. We take pride in being consistently recognized as the number one performing office globally (out of 60+ offices) in the Transearch network. Bedford has three offices in Canada — Toronto, Vancouver and Oakville.